It’s all about that grin, the one that goes from ear to ear, that triumphant smile of achievement. That’s what I coach for. That’s what gets me up early and out to the lake. Seeing that grin on the faces of my girls makes me feel incredible.   Wakeboarding’s been very good to me over the years on so many levels; it’s improved my fitness, given me goals and empowered me to get others believing that wakeboarding can do a lot for them too. Time off the water through injury was the perfect opportunity to fully embrace coaching and see how I could help make a difference to those women out on the water. But it’s so much more than just wakeboarding; we get women really testing their physical comfort zones, nurturing adventure, have fun, trusting and empowering their community and believing in themselves. It’s been nothing short of a revelation, I just love it, and the girls love it. Together we make sure that everyone leaves the sessions having done something they hadn’t when they woke up that morning! That’s what makes you feel alive!

I can often be found coaching Ladies Only sessions at

Box End Park Ladies Mornings

Milton Keynes Ladies Mornings

LDB Wakeschool Chicks Sessions

JBSki’s Ladies Mornings

Box End Park Ladies Mornings

4 responses to “Coaching

  1. Julia

    Hello Sarah.
    Please could you tell me when you’ll be doing a ladies session at Box End park, and how to get involved. Thank you

  2. All you have written above is why I love teaching and coaching wakeboarding, although I am really really really old I still love wakeboarding, still am trying for new tricks and tell your girls you can keep wakeboarding for EVER it is a great sport for keeping you young. Love it!

    • Jenny, when I had knee surgery, my doctor said that he wouldn’t normally recommend I had the proceedure. However, “as I suspect you’ll still be wakeboarding well into your 60’s” he agreed to do the op! Others too can see life in us old girls yet!

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