Box End Ladies face the floods!

Sunday was the first Box End Park Ladies Morning of 2012, and ironically it was almost too wet to wakeboard! But girls being tough crackers, turned up for my coaching despite the cold and unusually wet conditions. Since the hose pipe bans were enforced in the UK declaring the country in drought, it hasn’t stopped raining, at all, for weeks! Box End, on a natural spring was always vulnerable to  a high water table, but when the banks of the river burst, the two lakes became one! However, the water levels DID subside enough for the cable to run when Sunday arrived. Not put off by the ‘alien’ conditions of a high dock, long lines, loose obstacles and no visible buoys, fourteen girls bit the bullet and got involved. It was cold; the rain water and river water dropped the lake temperature, but as always, the girls dug deep, and put their chilly hands and feet aside to over come their challenges for the morning, resorting to whatever measures they could to stay warm!

Well done to all the girls who came out to support the session and Box End Park for hosting. The next Box End Park Ladies Morning will be on Sunday June 3rd 2012.

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