WakeMK Ladies Morning start for 2012

After what seems like a very long winter, it was great to be back on the dock with all the girls. Last weekend WakeMK hosted their first Ladies Morning of 2012 and  I was there coaching alongside buddy Lex .  We were joined by Sharm , (who you’ve seen us training with over the winter) who started the session with a great little warm up for everyone. Local rider Chloe Goudie joined the crew to help with double ups and rail coaching, so the girls’ presence was awesome. 15 girls turned up…… early….. on a Sunday…..for the first sesion….. when the water’s still cold…I was impressed. Not only were the girls really getting on it, but WakeMK really stepped up and offered the girls a further hour’s riding free and contributed a free pro coaching session to the bulging prize pot! It’s going to be a great season for Ladies mornings!

Fellow Slingshot rider and WakeMK coach Will Manns was back from his snow season, so after Ladies Morning,  we had a little play on all the various Slingshot boards that were in the demo range. I took the Hook out for a spin. Thanks Charlie Hay for the pic.

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