Judgment day…

At the end of October I started a fitness journey with Sharm of Kurup fit. We established some fitness goals for the following six months to help get in shape for the new season. Well, that time is now up and it’s judgment day; is it fitter or fatter ??

Despite having regular training sessions with Sharm, improving my eating habits, going to the gym (not as often as I should) and recently taking up boxing, I was nervous about this assessment; I feel better, I think I look better, but would the results reveal this to be an improvement and a step towards my strength and fitness goals?

The moment of truth….first off the static assessment….I began to panic when on the scales, I was EXACTLY the same weight, my resting heart rate, was EXACTLY the same, my height was the same (hey I can dream!) Had I actually changed anything at all? Well after some rather uncomfortable skin pinching, blood pressure monitoring and more measuring, Sharm delivered the rather brilliant news that my skin-fold tests revealed a reduction in all areas, only by mm’s but a drop of over 4% overall body. I also lost cms around my back, waist, hips, yet my body weight remained the same. My body shape had changed, I’d become more lean, and developed more muscle..I was now in a different grading range… So far so good.

How did my strength and fitness measure up? The Queens College Step test showed an improvement from ‘average’ to ‘good’ as did all other areas. I was particularly pleased that my swiss ball ab crunch test improved from 60 to 101 ! There were numerous other tests, but the long and short of it, that we’re heading in the right direction with a core strength improvement of 68% oh yeah, I was pretty chuffed with that one. There are still areas to work on and I’m not at my peak just yet, but with the added nutrition help and knowledge from Sharm, I’m understanding how to help my body reach these goals…..after 6 months, with the guidance and help from Sharm, I’m officially Fitter, Faster and Stronger.

“VO2 Max=-5% FASTER, Body composition -12.5cm FITTER, Core:max reps+68%STRONGER. WELL DONE Sarah Kingdom! “FASTER, FITTER, STRONGER KurupFit” – Sharm Kurup…………feels like a great school report!

For your assessment with Kurup Fit contact Sharm and get Fitter Faster Stronger this season.

Tel: 07968854397

e-mail: sharmy@kurupfit.co.uk

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