Wake Girls Go …….Flowriding

Last weekend the # Wake Girls Go tour left its mark at the Bedford Flow House  as the girls winter tour gathered pace with  # Wake Girls Go ……Flowriding. Joined by new recruit Jo Andrews (Tor Young was in Abu Dhabi prepping for the WWA Worlds) the motley crew of myself, Steph Caller, Lex Balladon, Jules Haley and Sophie Cordery hit up the wave simulator after a cheeky blast of WakeMK thanks to Mark Robinson and then a few mulled ciders at the local pub to defrost before the weekend really began. Already excitable, the village Christmas lights on route to our weekend base just cranked things up a notch. Play time had arrived once more for the #Wake Girls. The industrial park we found ourselves in didn’t give away any hint of the epic weekend that waited for us. Once we all arrived, Piers, Flow House’s Marketing Manager, showed us our accommodation, the changing areas, the spa (oh yes, we got the full treatment) before joining us for our private FLOW session that evening. We did our safety drill, learning how to fall and protect our heads. Previously we were warned that the Flow House wave simulator can leave you a bit black and blue, but we weren’t prepared for our heads to hurt from laughter as we all got worked! A tiny lapse in concentration saw each and every one of us eaten! Steph had done this a few times before and was quite steady, the rest of us had promise shortlived as we struggled to stop natural rotation getting into wakeboard stance….and that was soon the end of us! It was time to hit the spa for a bit of sauna, steam and swim action before heading off to town for one of the funniest nights out in a long time. The Flow House staff welcomed us into the fold as we danced the night away and guaranteed a slow Sunday start. Thankfully our session wasn’t until 1pm so we had time to shake the hangovers and stretch out before more wave carnage.

For the afternoon session, we were joined by photographer  Kay Ransom who was on hand to capture all the brutal stack expressions, legs a kimbo and general lunacy. We didn’t progress massively from the previous session, but lapsed very quickly into larking about as boughts of hysterics soon took hold once again, and again and again! The fun times from our stay at the Bedford Flow House, remained with us all week, lasping into chuckles at work, but the work out we got was something else of a momento! I for one was aching until Wednesday! The #Wakegirlsgo tour serves many purposes, one of which is to maintain winter fitness and this certainly kept things ticking over. No doubt the laughter will return when the podcsat Steph is making gets published, I can NOT wait for that!

Huge thanks got to Piers Hampson and all the staff at Bedford Flow House for making us so welcome and treating us to an epic weekend. It was a real highlight from 2011.

If you fancy trying out a Flow House session yourself, head over to Bedford , or for those of you further north, check out the grand opening of the Castleford Flow House  based in the Xscape building as they open 2 Flow Riders this weekend 17th Dec 2011.

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